Thursday, 25 November 2010

OH MY GOD i never want to see a graphics tablet again

I've messed around with my tablet before but I'd never really attempted something finished-looking.... so I decided to mess around a bit more and draw some characters from the Japanese schoolgirl anime Lucky Star (bit of an in-joke).

ERGHHH can't say I really enjoyed it as much as traditional methods. By the time I finished it was 2am (WHERE DID THE TIME GO? WHEREDIDITGO?) and my eyes hurt a bit. Its a very clinical way of working.. I mean, there's not much chance for happy accidents to occur. But on the plus side there's not much chance for miserable accidents to occurr. So its pretty good for a little bit of fanart like this. I'm ok with how it turned out.. they look a bit weird though. And what's going on with Miyuki san's... OK NO i'm not doing any more. ITS OVER NOW.

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