Tuesday, 6 September 2011


i'm making an app guide to berlin
well i won't make the actual app (no idea how) but the files
i've done the graphics for some of the pages but i'll just upload a few character design things because that's the best part

I like this guy but I'm not gonna use him, I'll use him for something else, he's a good dog.

i watched at a lot of cartoons with bears before i started designing the bear (see if you can spot booboo)

I made a really REALLY simple walk slice for the bear because I thought he could walk onto the screen or something.


Not that he gets very far, here he is sleeping.

aaand here he is with an assortment of heads

not sure why yet

The bear will be the tourguide but I also need to incorperate language into my project, so there'll be a phrasebook involving this guy

hooded crows are all over the place in Berlin, this one sits on a fence and teaches you useful phrases. HE IS A LEARNED MAN. well bird. look at this

i know its a bit elaborate but you know